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About us

About Us

A home for your own personal evolution. The practice creates a strong and healthy body, a grounded and steady mind, and a deep connection.


Rise Signature Vinyasa was created by owners Justin & Camacha Wolfer. Justin has gained international recognition for both his skill as a practitioner and teacher. After 8 years of intense study in yoga, eastern philosophy, and various movement systems Justin has identified the most important aspects and traits to develop being physical intelligence and mental presence. What we mean by physical intelligence is that you have a healthy relationship to your body. This is vital! Our societies relationship to the body is dysfunctional at best. It’s been shamed, sexualized, domesticated, fead artificial ingredients, etc. There is a basic need to restore the bodies health and more importantly how we feel and communicate with the body regaining trust in our ability to care for ourselves. If you cannot care for yourself then what can you care for? The other vital ingredient is mental presence. You can say that as a species human beings are moving less on a daily basis and thinking more then ever before. Is this a problem? I believe the body works best when it is moved regularly and the mind works best when it is focused on the task at hand. Mental presence is absolutely necessary to make any progress in life. The modern mind is constantly spinning, leaking vital energy like a car with hole in its gas tank. And all the while we cannot even focus long enough to gain any actual life experience. And without this we are merely speculating as to what is best for us and what is in our heart. How could you know if you’ve never followed your heart? What is here and now is all that matters. It’s the only place where anything can happen. So its essential to cultivate these two qualities moving forward. Everything else grows from these fundamental elements! Expect to be challenged both physically and mentally. Mental ease will come from accepting that you are here and now doing the work required. We start to shed our judgments and truly live. You will start to demand more of yourself. This doesn’t imply mindlessly exhausting yourself with physical exercise, it implies insisting that you will raise the quality and intelligence of your efforts. Anyone can shout and push but can you move gracefully and fluidly through life’s challenges. Are you in?

Falling is your initiation into greatness; it is the story that every human being you admire has told…
You’ll never know what you truly want until you fail at it. Fall from ignorance and rise like the sun.

Justin Wolfer – 500, ECYT

I am a dedicated student of all paths that bring me to balance, joy, and peace. Initially, my yoga practice served as a means to rehabilitate physical injuries sustained during my career in college athletics.

Over time, yoga became a transformative path towards greater understanding, physical balance, internal strength, mental clarity and self-awareness. For the past three years, I have created and directed The Skillful Action Yoga Training I also lead dynamic workshops across the country.

It has been my intention for a long time to open a community center in which anybody and everybody can find the practices of yoga. I have put my heart and sole into the opening of RISE Yoga and Movement Arts Center; it’s the culmination of my life’s work so far.

I am beyond grateful to be able to share my vision with all of you.

My 7 principles

In my eyes the jewel of yogic teachings is a remedy for nearly all that troubles us. It effects the health of the body on a cellular level by bringing necessary oxygen and energy to each cell while disposing of toxic carbon dioxide. And equally important in reducing stress levels and tension allowing the mind and body to be calm and focused.

Why are you here? This question changes everything. Whether your goal is to get healthier and stronger or to achieve greater peace or to continue your spiritual quest. We want to assist you to achieve your goals!

I often say: yoga is not one thing, yoga is everything. This is an underlying principle that comes back to me again and again.  As a result of practice I’ve come to understand that the quality in which I do anything reflects the quality of how I do everything. Our time is sacred and we encourage you to move and breath and practice with that certain quality that resonates with your highest self.

Strive for total integration, this is yoga. On our mat we strive to integrate the mind-body in perfect harmony. Off our mats we look to embody the principles that are dear to us. You should be the same person on and off your mat. This brings peace and fulfillment in life.

What we ask of ourselves is never easy. When life asks you to RISE to the moment embrace this work with joy and lightness. Remember that which does not come easy often holds the key to further your growth!

Stress, fatigue, sensation and pain communicate to us that we may have gone off course and out of balance. They signal to us when we are acting against our foundational values. The ability to consciously relax in our practice translates in our life giving us the ability to make clear decisions that align with our highest intent.

We are here to help you progress in your pursuits in the most intelligent sustainable way. Taking a step forward and then two back is not the way. Let’s find the course that will keep you moving in the way you desire.

I truly believe that with consistent practice, forgiveness towards yourself, acceptance of yourself, and the will to do better each day, that we can all RISE up together.

Camacha Wolfer

I moved to the states four years ago to get away from a decade of drug and alcohol abuse. I was in really bad shape, both physically and mentally and knew I had to get out of that environment in order to get myself better. I had always wanted to try yoga, I had absolutely no idea what it was, but it was always something that was in the back of my consciousness somewhere.

When I arrived in Saratoga, the first thing that I did was walk into a yoga studio and it quickly became my temple. I started to breathe my way through my constant anxiety; I started to strengthen parts of my body that had become weak over the years; repair my organs.

I started to clear the constant chatter in my head and I started to feel like a whole person again. The practice, the philosophy, and the gift of yoga slowly started to take over my life as I started to replace all my bad habits and negative thinking patterns with new, healthy ones. I started to enjoy taking care of myself and my relationships with others strengthened.

When I met Justin, who had even more passion, dedication and belief in the transformative powers of the practice than I did, my practice elevated to a whole different level and I never looked back. I am so grateful for every day and for how far I have come and for the knowledge that everybody can lift themselves up from even the darkest of places. We have all come from somewhere and we all have a past, it’s what we do with this moment, this day that counts.

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