about this course

For Teachers and dedicated students looking to build upon their current level of understanding of yoga, meditation, movement, anatomy, physiology, and Eastern Philosophy. The primary focus of these studies will be to apply the principles of yoga and its vast applications intelligently and skilfully.
As a teacher, we will focus on identifying and cultivating the essence of what you aspire to offer others. In an environment filled with seemingly as many teachers as there are students, we will explore what it means to consciously market yourself and find quality opportunities and students to work with, as well as how to begin developing specialty workshops and private clients.

you will learn

• Self study – move in the direction of self-motivated exploration and curiosity. Learn and apply methodology with daily practice and clear observation. Become the architect of your life.
• Guided Meditation: Learn a simple, relevant form of meditation that absolutely anyone can practice – vipassana (insight or mindfulness).
• Human movement: Get in your body and learn to move it skillfully and intuitively.
• Yoga Asana and Pranayama for physical health and energetic balance. Learn, practice and apply these practices in intelligent and impactful ways.
• Intelligent progressive training for the mind and body including traditional techniques and the latest in western sports science, physiology and psychology.
• In depth study of Eastern philosophy and their applications to the mind-body connection drawn from sacred yogic texts, Zen Buddhism and Taoism.



100 hours – Schedule will be personalized over 6 months and include unlimited Yoga at Rise



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